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Creating a sacred space or altar in your home—and how it can benefit you

For many years I have taken to creating a sacred space (or a sacred altar) in my home. This is a wonderful way to focus your positivity and energy—and reap amazing results for not only yourself, your loved ones, your community but also your planet. It will be an outer expression of your inner attunement. This altar can be small or large depending on the space you have available to you. Generally it is a flat surface and it will have height to it – a shelf is a great example. Once I had a shelf at the top of a set of stairs that was called my ‘love shelf’, I used it as an altar to remind me of all the people and things that I loved, every time I passed by it I would be able to tune in to this love. This space will need to be kept clean and dedicated to its purpose.

There are lots of variations and there are no hard and fast rules to what you can do. I have several sacred spaces set up in my home, so to give you an idea, in my yoga/meditation/healing room I have a cabinet that is my healing space, with a picture of Mikao Usui the founder of Reiki in prime position. In my office I have a heart shaped shelf that has lots of different parts and boxes to it, some reference my art, my family, my deities, my wishes, there are several focus points in this space. In my lounge I have a mantlepiece that holds dear loved ones who have passed, they share space with a deity representing family.

The first thing to decide is where you might like to have your sacred space, is it somewhere you would go to often i.e. a designated room to relax or somewhere you pass by each day such as a hall table or a bedside cabinet etc.

Once you have decided on the space, you then choose what the focus or theme/s of the space will be. A good question to ask yourself if you are unsure is what do you want to bring more of in to your life Some examples are;

Love, relaxation, remembrance, meditation, protection, joy, healing, inspiration or even more specific wishes such as different vocation etc.

Next it is time to get creative with what will represent the theme you choose in this sacred or altar space. Remember there is definitely no right or wrong here, this is your space you are creating and each item must resonate with you. Some ideas;

An element of nature, such as shells, pebbles, feathers, sprigs of herbs or fresh flowers etc.
Photographs of loved ones
Spiritual image/s or statue of your chosen deity
A fabric cloth
A piece of writing, a poem, a saying, lyrics of a song etc.
Piece of art
An object that represents your specific wish

To give you an idea here is a vignette from one of my altar’s at home…

Feel free to email me with your images I’d love to see what you do or create.

The purpose of our lives is to be happy
~Dalai Lama~