Distance Healing

In the current climate distance healing is a great way for you to receive healing, or arrange for healing for a loved one as no physical contact is needed, and it is a highly effective form of energy medicine that can work on all levels, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.

What is distance or remote healing, and how does it work?

Some people can be sceptical of how this healing can work, I understand that and was also sceptical at one time. Then once I had received this distance healing for myself, and having been totally blown away by how powerful it is—and how someone in another place could send healing to me—now, I no longer am, and have made it part of my healing practices. There are many ways to explain it, but for me the simplest way is always the best.

We, you, me, everything in our 3D world is made up of energy. All energy is broken down into atoms and waves of energy. Even our thoughts are energy (be thoughtful what you set your mind to, or wish for, or focus on).

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”

– Gautama Buddha

So, when I connect with a specific recipient to send them healing, I am able to align and send this very focused high energy healing vibration made from thought, intention, and the emotion of unconditional love to them. Distance/remote healing stretches beyond the perceived limits of time and space, so can travel literally to the other side of the world to reach a person.

Firstly I spend time in ceremony ‘charging’ myself up and tuning in to the ‘energetic airways’. Energy is then sent from me the Reiki energy healer through concentrated high frequency. Consider here the phenomena of how a radio and a transmitter antenna work, and this is the closest analogy I can offer you:

How does a transmitter produce radio waves?

1) Electricity flowing into the transmitter antenna makes electrons vibrate up and down it, producing radio waves. 2) The radio waves travel through the air at the speed of light. 3) When the waves arrive at the receiver antenna, they make electrons vibrate inside it

At the specified time of the Reiki healing the person who wants to receive healing follows the instructions I give them, which will be emailed out to them, but the key principal is for them to sit quietly, undisturbed for a period of time, with no television or mobile on or near them.

During my practice of sending this Reiki I will generally receive information to pass to the person to assist them in their healing process. After the session I will send an email with this information, and or specific instructions that are given to me.

The Reiki distance healing I offer is free. What I ask is in order to keep the spirit of this generosity alive, you then ‘pay it forward’ by making a donation (whatever amount you want – and this is totally at your discretion with no judgement, try to consider this as an expression of gratitude and gifting rather than ‘money’ – more like an energetic currency) for the next person to be able to receive a free distance healing. Someone has already gifted you this free healing session (how amazing is that?) What this promotes is the valuable gift of giving. Which in and of itself is healing energy. I’m sure if you are reading this, you may well have experienced this incredible feeling before, maybe many times. Take a moment now and remember back to how you felt when you gave something freely to someone, maybe even to a stranger—just because, however big or small it was, perhaps a smile, a kind word, an embrace, or maybe a selfless gift, I’m sure the feeling you received by offering this gesture without any need or expectation for it to be returned was magnificent, and stayed with you. That is unconditional giving, simply put, that is love.

If you would like to set up a healing session with me, please complete the contact form below and I will come back to you as soon as possible.