About me

Before coming to Reiki my background was as a children’s book illustrator and then more recently as an online marketing and business coach.

I started working with Reiki in 2006 and found Reiki a great framework for energy work, and have been practicing since then – mainly in the voluntary sector. Working using energy healing with a large number of clients with various illnesses, ailments and emotional issues, and bringing them to a place of peace and wellbeing. Being part of someone’s journey back to health and recovery is a privilege and a place where I find my joy.

**Given the recent and ongoing enforced social distancing, face-to-face Reiki healing sessions have currently ceased. I take my directive from the U.K. Reiki Federation. For my existing clients, please be assured that I will continue to hold my weekly distance Reiki healing sessions and will pass healing remotely for you every Sunday between 4.30-5.00 p.m. BST.

If you would like to be added to this healing circle please feel free to contact me by email reikirachael13@gmail.com.

Please check out the distance healing page – and my new and exciting business model. The new currency is based on giving and generosity and the ‘pay it forward‘ ideology and practice that I am embracing.

Please take care of yourself, follow the guidelines, allow yourself to ask for help from your family, friends and community if you need to, it’s important we all work together. **